All your Naked Sundays SPF50 CLEAR GLOW questions answered!

What is SPF50 Clear Glow Radiant Sun Serum? 

NS: Glad you asked! This is our newest, most innovative SPF yet. We always pride ourselves on being at the forefront of SPF innovation, creating world-first formulas that you won't see anywhere else. Our formulas are also rigorously tested by the highest Australian TGA standards (the strictest on the planet) so you know when you see the AUST L number on the bottle, you can rely on the SPF rating. 

What's so great about it? 

NS: Our CLEAR GLOW is the world's first SPF50 100% transparent sunscreen / skincare product. Pretty much invented for people who hate white, sticky, greasy sunscreen, it dries down in a few seconds to a stunning satin finish. And plays super well with makeup too.

How much to use? 

The best wåy to get your adequate 1/4 teaspoon is to apply Clear Glow in layers, rubbing in each layer really well. Thin layers will help it sink in, to ensure it doesn't just sit on top of your skin. Our SPF BFF Brush will help with this application process. It's not a cream, so don't expect it to sit like one. But when you apply makeup over, you'll truly see the priming effect it has on your skin. 

What's the hero ingredients in Clear Glow? 

NS: We wanted to Clear Glow to have the very best in antioxidants and hydrating properties, so we infused Clear Glow with;

* Kakadu Plum (the highest recorded natural source of Vitamin C in the world)

* Squalane, derived from olives, acts as a barrier, keeping the moisture & your SPF locked in while your skin remains hydrated and plump. Squalane is also a natural antioxidant which helps to fight free radicals and boost collagen production. It also mimics your skin's natural oils for added hydration. 

* A unique blend of Tomato Extract which is high in Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent loss of collagen and fight free radicals. Plus, tomato extract can protect from blue light damage by absorbing rays before they penetrate your skin.

* Jojoba Seed extract has a load of anti-inflammatory properties, is packed with Vitamin E & B, and can help skin repair and fight free radicals. 

* Watermelon Extract for added hydration, protective barrier & moisture.

Does Clear Glow have fragrance or parabens? 

NS: Clear Glow is proudly fragrance free, paraben free, oxybenzone free, and 100% vegan and cruelty free too! 

Is Clear Glow a Chemical or Physical Sunscreen? 

NS: In order to be 100% clear, Clear Glow has to be a chemical sunscreen. But we've used the safest, least amount of chemicals possible in an SPF, and is free from oxybenzone. While not quite as suitable for sensitive skin as our 100% mineral SPF, we have ensured it is suitable for sensitive skin too. 

How do you use Clear Glow?

NS: Clear Glow was designed to be used instead of your serum, moisturiser and primer. Start with a clean face (it locks in anything underneath so please do ensure there is no dirt or bacteria lurking). Pump 1/4 teaspoon for face, 1/2 teaspoon for face and neck. Put half on your skin, then rub in well with our SPF BFF Brush until you start to notice it settling on the skin. Add the rest as your second layer. Ensure all areas of your face and neck are fully covered. Top up SPF regularly, especially when outdoors. 

Is Naked Sundays Clear Glow Sun Serum good for sensitive skin considering if contains silicone? 

We asked Pharmaceutical scientist Hannah English (@ms_h_english) who said this: "Totally! Silicones are an inert class of ingredient, their job is to create a silky texture and moisturise while stabilising other ingredients (like the UV filters in your sunscreen). Some, like those in Sun Serum, are designed to partially evaporate from skin, giving them a super-light feel and finish."

NS: Clear Glow works to stabilise and lock in your SPF, plus forms a barrier on the skin which helps with water resistance. That means Clear Glow's super dose of antioxidants infused within our serum are sealed in to be absorbed into the skin, while your skin is protected from environmental pollution and moisture loss.

This is also why it’s so important to put your serum on clean skin (it’s okay to still have other serum and vitamin products underneath, even though we think you won’t need them), but no foundation, oil or grime underneath, as it will seal these in and risk clogging or pilling.  

For full ingredient list click here 

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