Melanoma Awareness with Pip Edwards, Founder P.E Nation x Naked Sundays

As part of our "Give Melanoma The Cold Shoulder" campaign to raise money for Melanoma Institute Australia, we spoke to the unstoppable P.E Nation Founder Pip Edwards. 


Q: You seem to be so at peace when you're outdoors, or at the beach, or on a bushwalk! What do you love about so much being outdoors? 

Pip: Nature is the one grounding and calming element in my life, where I can actually breathe, be present, and reconnect to myself, and my surroundings, and appreciate beauty, life and the city I live in. It gives me a real perspective on where I’m at. I’m obsessed with water, the beach, and bushwalking along the harbour. It's so simple, but so important to focus on nature, as it creates life, supports our life, and is the answer to our future.

Q: Everyone talks about self-love and you seem to ooze so much confidence. Is this something you've had to work towards or something that comes naturally to you? 

Pip: Ahhhhhhh… self-confidence for me has come from a series of personal adversities or situations that forced me to dig deep and find my inner strength. Coming of age has also made me more resilient, and confident to just be me and not pander to anyone nor waiver to noise.

Q: We constantly hear about the best way to look after your skin is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen... Why do you think sun protection is so important? 

Pip: When I was young I didn’t look after my skin at all, and now as I’m in my 40’s and it's clear that I do suffer from years of sun damage and it can be hard to reverse. Now I put my skin first and do everything to protect it, maintain it, whilst still promoting a healthy colour and glow. Love the skin you're in, and realise that looking after it is just as important as physically training your body.

Q: You turned 40 last year! What is your best advice to the younger generation, particularly when it comes to self-love and self care. 

Pip: Self love and self care should be a priority and encouraged from a young age. We can be oblivious and not really understand what it means until life gets real down the track. So I would say, connect with yourself and make that a daily commitment, stay aligned with your true values, trust your gut and how you feel and never ever be afraid to be who YOU are.

10% of sales on Sundays 26th Sept goes to Melanoma Institute Australia  

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